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15 June 2024

Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Roguelike Dungeon Crawler is a genre of video games
Roguelike is a video game with procedurally generated dungeons, turn based combat and permanent death.

Roguelike games are hard-core games without savepoints and with permanent death or permadeath of the player character. The game is over when character dies and the player needs to restart the game with a new character. They are designed for multiple sessions of gameplay and can be played indefinitely.
Most roguelike games are turn-based dungeon crawlers with endless procedurally generated maze-like dungeons and randomized generated monsters.
The genre Roguelike takes its name from the dungeon crawling video game Rogue. Rogue game also known as Rogue: Exploring the Dungeons of Doom was developed in the 1980s.
Nearly all roguelike RPG give the player full control of a character. Class, race, gender, skills, attribute points and other parameters may be customized be the player.
Characters explore randomly generated chambers in a maze, defeat monsters that roam the dungeons and collect useful items, such as healing potions, armor, weapons and magic scrolls.


Classic roguelike dungeon crawlers often include three main features: procedurally generated dungeons, turn-based combat and permanent death.
All of the newest roguelikes utilize procedurally generated levels and permanent death or turn-based gameplay becoming roguelites. Roguelite games are generally shorter than roguelikes dungeon crawlers and designed to be winnable within a single gaming session.
Roguelite dungeon crawlers are usually indie games made by independent developers.
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